Responsive Web Design

What exactly is meant by the term “Responsive” or “Fully Responsive” when speaking about a web site and web content?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) principles have existed since the early 2000’s but have recently become increasingly more relevant in the web industry in the last several years due to the rapid adoption and exponentially increasing use of mobile devices.  In todays highly mobile world that we live in, over 50% of all internet traffic is believed to originate from mobile devices and is expected to continue to increase.

Mobile devices present a unique challenge for websites because of the relatively small screen size, device form factor and to some degree their lack of support for traditional web programming and scripting languages.  In order for web content to be considered useable on mobile devices, these items must all be considered when designing for a modern mobile first web presence.

At Resolved Web Solutions we rely upon the latest web standards, thoroughly test all of our site designs using multiple devices, browsers and online testing tools to ensure that your new site will look and function as well as possible on any device that could possibly be used to access your site and content.

If you are curious to see if your current site is “Responsive” or not, feel free to head on over to Google and check out their “Mobile Friendly Tester” online tool.

If you would like to learn more about Responsive Web Design and how our team of Graphic Design and Web Development professionals can make your business or organization look its absolute best on any device please get in contact with us!